The world of tights is changing………..

Why have that central body seam that makes tights look and feel so old fashioned and uncomfortable?

Conventional Tights!!

“SEAMLESS” is the answer……

See the difference?

Now feel the difference…………

Whether you want Sheer or Opaques, Golden Lady can offer you both.
Gone are all those uncomfortable seam lines that show under your tight fitting clothes and leave marks after a day of wearing.
We believe in our motto for our Seamless collection “You’ll forget you’re wearing them”…. because we think you will!!

How is this done?

Well, conventional tights are made by knitting the two legs and then sewing them together at the body!  This has been done for generations, but we are the new younger generation, forward thinking and innovative so Golden Lady has changed all that………………

After many years of research, development and investment in the latest machinery, Golden Lady have the technology and the know how to produce a single garment, from left foot to right foot, without the need to sew the two legs together; hence creating a unique construction that gives the most amazing comfort and looks and feels great too.

So click and explore our Seamless collection on products like Feel Nude 15 or Invisible Luxury 50 if you’re looking for the ultimate and final word in comfort which is “SEAMLESS”.