Shoe Liners, Trainer Liners and Footlets!

Call them what you want, but the trend for no show shoe/trainer liners is a big one.
The inside of a leather/plastic shoe or trainer can be very uncomfortable in bare feet.

If you want comfy feet then these liners are a must for everyday wearing, they are the perfect way to keep feet feeling fresh all day and reducing the risk of blisters.

We have a range to suit all ……..

Cotton footlets 2 Pair pack : These are made with 73% Cotton so your feet can breathe and stay dry which really helps with those unpleasant odours and sticky conditions. The majority of footlets on the market are made with a high percentage of nylon – which is not the best for keeping feet fresh and healthy!! They stay in place perfectly with their unique non- silicone gripper band on the heel so no slipping off .

Available in two sizes s/m and m/l , and a lovely nude flesh colour as well as traditional black and white .  With a quarter of a million pairs sold in the UK last year, these are a real winner.


Cotton Sporty Trainer Liners 1 Pair pack are perfect for use with trainers, made with 86% soft cotton they have the ability to absorb perspiration so comfort lasts the whole day. They also have a non-allergenic “silicone free” heel band which gives that perfect fit. Available in white and in two sizes, these are a must for comfort and that no show trainer look .


Cotton Toe Liners 1 Pair pack are  soft and secret and are the ideal garment for closed toe and open back shoes, also made with 60% cotton too which will ensure maximum breath-ability and comfort around the toes with the freedom around the back of the sandal/shoe. Available as a one –size garment in a natural shade.