In the gym, when you go out with friends, at work or while  running as fast as you can. Golden Lady Move is your daily choice to feel comfortable and free in every situation.  The new GOLDEN LADY MOVE line is composed of technical clothing designed for sports and leisure very comfortable, practical and fashion: leggings, brassiere, t-shirts, socks and shoe-liners in different designs and colors that you can mix and with which create new and original overlapping combinations. Golden Lady Move clothes are perfect for sports activities but not only, because they combine a glamorous style at a high level of technology. They are in fact made of the revolutionary fibre NERINO G., a new generation molecule produced by Golden Lady offering an incredible feeling of softness and freshness on the skin. Golden Lady Move is not just a collection but also it wants to be a positive message, an invite to get moving whatever it is, to feel good about themselves and their bodies. At all times.