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Golden Lady End of Season 50% SALE

Golden Lady End of Season 50% SALE  50% Discount on the following products: Innovation Knee Highs   was £ 3.75  now £ 1.87 Active Knee Highs   was £ 3.99   now £1.99 Luxury 40 Opaque   was £ 5.00  now £ 2.50 Luxury 100 Opaque   was £ 3.50  now £ 1.75 Invisible Luxury 50 Seamless   was £ 4.00  now £2.00 Make Up 60 Knee Highs   was £

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Summer Shoe Liners!

Summer Shoe Liners! Call them what you want, but the trend for no show shoe/trainer liners is a big one. Now that Summer has finally arrived, the heat can make the inside of a leather/plastic shoe or trainers very uncomfortable in bare feet. If you want comfy feet then these liners are a must for

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